Skawennati: From Skyworld to Cyberspace

Suzanne Newman Fricke, First American Art, No. 28 (Fall 2020): 78-9.

A review of the exhibition catalogue for Skawennati’s From Skyworld to Cyberspace, curated by Matthew Ryan Smith and circulated by McIntosh Gallery at Western University.

(Im)Mobile Nation

Maroussia Levesque and Jason Edward Lewis.
In Mobile Nation: Creating Methodologies for Mobile Platforms. pp. 141 – 147. 2008.

An Orderly Assemblage of Biases: Troubling the Monocultural Stack

Jason Edward Lewis.
In Afterlives of Indigenous Archives: Essays in Honor of the Occom Circle.
pp. 218-231. 2019.

Rupturing Settler Time: Visual Culture and Geographies of Indigenous Futurity

Amber Hickey, World Art.  28 July 2019.

Skawennati’s work is considered, along with art by Bonnie Devine, as a method of resisting Euro-Western notions of time.

SIGGRAPH Art Gallery 2018

Iwao Haruguchi, DiVA Digital, Interactive and Visual Arts, vol. 46 (Summer 2019): 20-27.

Article in Japanese featuring discussion of Skawennati’s machinima She Falls for Ages, as well as He Ao Hou (A New World).

Concordia’s Jason Edward Lewis wants ethical artificial intelligence with an Indigenous worldview

Andy Murdoch, Concordia News, April 29, 2019.

Concevoir l’intelligence artificielle autrement

Le Devoir, June 2019.

Video and transcribed interview with Jason Edward Lewis and Maroussia Lévesque on Indigenous protocols for artificial intelligence.

Winter Partiers Enter The Real And Online Worlds

Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door, January 4, 2019.
Article on AbTeC’s Winter Solstice Party taking place in the lab and on AbTeC Island.

Contemporary Native Art Biennial/ La Biennale d’Art Contemporain Autochtone 2018

Loris Beavis, Border Crossings 148, December 2018.
Review of BACA with mention of Skawennati’s work.

Out of Lines: Skawennati

Out of Lines, CKUT 90.3 FM, Montreal, July 5, 2018.
Interview with Skawennati.

A Home Beyond: Indigenous Futurisms in the Visual Arts

Suzanne Newman Fricke, First American Art Magazine, no. 21 (Winter 2018-19): 20-23.
Contextualization of Skawennati’s and AbTeC’s work within the framework of Indigenous Futurisms.

An Interview with Skawennati: A New Frontier to Create Access to Arts and Culture

December 10, 2018, Walker International Communications Group, Inc. 
Skawennati is interviewed by Donna Walker-Kuhne.

Native Art Incorporating Star Trek And Other Sci-Fi In Las Cruces

News Editor and Partners. KRWG Public Media. October 25, 2018.
Information about an upcoming exhibition with works by Kite and Skawennati.

5 minutes pour que je te dise

Laetitia Techer. Ondinnok, 2018.
Review of Skawennati’s participation in Printemps autochtone d’Art #PAA3.
In French.


Native Art Now! Developments in Contemporary Native Art Since 1992

Ryan Rice. “Everything Comes Around: Native Media.” Eds. Veronica Passalacqua and Kate Morris, 302-317. Indianapolis: Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art.

375: Le mode de demain

Programmation et projets socio-economiques de la
Societe des celebrations du 375 anniversaire de Montreal
Featuring Skawennati’s work.

CyberArts 2018 Prix Ars Electronica

Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace. Ars Electronic Catalogue, September 2019.
2018 Ars Electronica Festival, September 6-10, 2018, Linz, Austria.


Ottawa Report: The New and the Renewed

Rose Ekins, Canadian Art, May 8, 2018.

Review of Skawennati’s solo exhibition Teiakwanahstahsontéhra’/Nous tendons les perches/We Extend the Rafters at Axenéo7.

Indigenous Peoples Are Decolonizing Virtual Worlds

Cecilia Keating, Medium, August 20, 2018.

Review of Skins 5.0 He Ao Hou video game and the work of AbTeC.

Exhibit showcases art with view from diverse communities

Tom Morrison, Chatham This Week, August 3, 2018.

Resilience Project Blazes Billboards Across Country

Daniel J. Rowe. Eastern Door. June 22, 2018.

Unprecedented Billboard Campaign Puts Spotlight on Indigenous Artists in Canada

Brigit Katz. July 13, 2018.

Resilience billboards put the spotlight on Indigenous artists

All in a Weekend Montreal with Ainslie MacLellan, CBC Listen. June 16, 2018, Audio, 13:59.
Artists Hannah Claus and Dayna Danger talk about their contributions to the massive outdoor art project along roads coast to coast.

Taking Back the Territory

Border Crossings Magazine 146, “Borderviews” (June 2018)

Review of billboard project Resilience.

Billboards celebrate indigenous women’s resilience in Canada

Jillian Kestler-D’Amours. Al Jazeera. June 23, 2018.
Article featuring Skawennati and the billboard project Resilience.

Generations of Play

Skawennati. C Magazine 138, Games: 34-37. Toronto.

Summer 2018

Art contemporain autochtone: une Biennale 100% féminine

Éric Clément. La Presse. Montreal, Quebec. 17 May 2018.
Review of the Contemporary Native Art Biennial, featuring artwork by Skawennati.

Technologies of Self-Fashioning: Virtual Ethnicities in New Media Art

Alice Ming Wai Jim. ISEA 2015. 2015.
Proceedings on the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art.

Material Connections in Skawennati’s Digital Worlds

Judith Leggatt. Canadian Literature.
University of British Columbia. Autumn-Winter 2016.

Indigenous Futures: Skawennati’s She Falls for Ages

Laura Demers. Graphite Publications. Montreal, QC. October 4, 2017.
Review of She Falls for Ages (2017)

“Indigenous existence is resistance”

Jason Ryle, Scott Benesiinaabandan, Danis Goulet, and Raven Chacon. tiff. 2017.
Toronto, ON.
Roundtable hosted by the artistic director of imagineNATIVE with the artists of 2167.

La réconciliation peut-elle se faire par les arts?

Stéphane Baillargeon et Catherine Lalonde. Le Devoir. 10 February 2018.
Montreal, QC.
A discussion with Jason Edward Lewis on Indigenous and settler relations in Quebec and reconciliation in the arts.

What does the future hold for Indigenous communities?

Daniel Bartlett. Concordia University Magazine. Winter 2018.
Montreal, QC.
An interview with Skawennati and Jason Edward Lewis on the research and creative work at AbTeC.

B3 Exhibition ON DESIRE

B3 Biennial of the Moving Image
29 November to 20 December 2017.
Offenbach University of Art and Design, Hesse, Germany.
Skawennati’s She Fall for Ages exhibited in ON DESIRE

Decolonizing Immersive Media

Enterprising Culture Conference, CFC Media Lab.
31 October 2017.
Corus Quay, Toronto, ON.
Opening keynote by Jason Edward Lewis.

“Holding Territory, Making Futures: Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace and the Initiative for Indigenous Futures”

Other Sides of the Story: Communication Studies Graduate Studies Colloquium. Concordia University.
6 December 2017.
Colloquium with graduate presentations and a keynote lecture by Jason Edward Lewis.

L’art autochtone s’affiche dans sept expos à montréal

Éric Clément. La Presse. 25 November 2017.
Montreal, QC.
Article on Skawennati’s exhibition We Extend the Rafters at VOX and AbTeC’s exhibition forum Filling in the Blank Spaces. 

UWinnipeg’s Dr. Julie Nagam hosts symposium on Indigenous Futures

News Centre. University of Winnipeg. 23 November 2017.
Winnipeg, MB.
Article on the Third Annual Indigenous Future Imaginary Symposium.


Interview with Suzanne Kite

XX Files Radio. CKUT 90.3FM. 23 November 2017.
Jules the Ghoul interviews AbTeC PhD graduate research assistant Suzanne Kite.

L’art de Skawennati révélé dans ses dimensions militante et éducative

Marie-Ève Charron. Le Devoir. 18 November 2017.
Montreal, QC.
Article on Skawennati’s art practice and current exhibitions.

Telling Indigenous stories in cyberspace

Chloё Lalonde. The Concordian. 7 November 2017.
Montreal, QC.
Article on AbTeC’s exhibition-forum Filling in the Blank Spaces (2017) held at Leonard and Ellen Bina Gallery.

Owerà:Ke Non Aié:Nahne / Filling In The Blank Spaces / Combler les espaces vides

Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery. 4 November to 2 December 2017.
Montreal, QC.
Website and essay on AbTeC’s retrospective exhibition-forum Filling in the Blank Spaces (2017).

Indigenous digital art — past, present and future

Renée Dunk. Concordia News. 30 October 2017.
Montreal, QC.
Article on AbTeC’s retrospective exhibition-forum Filling in the Blank Spaces (2017).

Achieve vertigo with virtual reality art

Masha Rademakers. Quantum Run. 11 October 2017.
Toronto, ON.
Article on virtual-reality project 2167. 

She Falls for Ages (2017): Skawennati’s Take on Indigenous Futures

Laura Demers. Graphite Publications. 4 October 2017.
Montreal, QC.
Article on Skawennati’s machinima She Falls For Ages (2017).


imagineNative. 2017.
Toronto, ON.
Article on the virtual-reality project 2167, led by Initiative for Indigenous Futures in partnership with imagineNATIVE, TIFF and Pinnguaq.

Entrevue avec Jason Lewis

André Éric Létourneau and Cynthia Noury. Archée. 9 September 2017.
Montreal, QC.
Interview with Jason Edward Lewis on AbTeC’s programming and research creation.

The Celestial Tree inspires visions of collective action

Chloё LalondeThe Concordian5 September 2017.
Montreal, QC.
Article on Skawennati’s Celestial Tree (2017) in the exhibition Path of Resilience, curated by Cheryl Sim.

Path of Resilience highlights Indigenous artists

Jessica Deer. Eastern Door. 21 July 2017.
Montreal, QC.
Article on Skawennati’s Celestial Tree (2017) in the exhibition Path of Resilience, curated by Cheryl Sim.

Nation to Nation

Lindsay Nixon. Canadian Art. 10 July 2017.
Toronto, ON.
Article on Nation to Nation formed by Ryan Rice, Skawennati and Eric Robertson.

Forget 2017 — these Indigenous VR artists are imagining Canada’s future 150 years from now

Chris Hampton. CBC Arts. 19 June 2017.
Article on 2167, led by Initiative for Indigenous Futures, TIFF, imagineNATIVE and Pinnguaq.

Effacement des limites entre identités réelles et virtuelles et entre notre existence en ligne et hors ligne

Eli Larin. Ex_situ. 7 June 2017.
Montreal, QC.
Article on Skawennati’s Dancing With Myself (2015).

Indigenous artists create virtual-reality vision of a future Canada

Dave McGinn. Globe and Mail. 22 June 2017.
Toronto, ON.
Article on 2167, led by Initiative for Indigenous Futures, TIFF, imagineNATIVE and Pinnguaq.

Demain, hier : « Tomorrow People » de Skawennati à Oboro

Futurs. 31 May 2017.
Montreal, QC.
Article on Skawennati’s Exhibition at Oboro.

9 Canadian Connections at the Venice Biennale

Canadian Art. 4 May 2017.
Montreal, QC.
Article on Skawennati’s online exhibition at HyperPavillion.

Imaginer Son Avenir

Karl Rettino-Parazelli.
Le Devoir. 1 May 2017.
Montreal, QC
Article on Jason Edward Lewis.

New Art Work Explores Identity And Technology

Jessica Deer
Eatern Door. January 27th 2017.
Montreal, QC.
Article on Skawennati’s Exhibition at Oboro.

Native Sci-fi Rises

Lisa Sproull.
Cult MTL. 2 February 2017.
Montreal, QC.
Article on Skawennati’s Exhibition at Oboro.

The Centrality of Marginality: Speculative Play About Memory, Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Digital Arts

Jason Edward Lewis + Rilla Khaled.
Common Aliens Symposium.
 4 December 2016.
Atelier Céladon + Studio XX.

Populating the Future Imaginary: Visualizing Indigenous Futures

Jason Edward Lewis.
International Visual Literacy Association Annual Conference. 6 October 2016.
Concordia University. Montreal, QC.
Jason Edward Lewis: Keynote Speaker.

A Brief (Media) History of the Indigenous Future

Jason Edward Lewis.
PUBLIC: Art | Culture | Ideas. 54 Winter 2016  Pp. 36 – 49.
January 2016.

An Orderly Assemblage of Biases: Computation as Cultural Material

Jason Edward Lewis.
The University of Lethbridge. 
Lethbridge, AB. 28 October 2016.
Keynote Speaker: Crossing Boundaries.

Initiative for Indigenous Futures

Jason Edward Lewis.
American Anthropological Association. 
19 November 2016.
Minneapolis, MN.
Presentation on the future of indigenous media.

A (Brief) Media History of the Indigenous Future

Jason Edward Lewis.
Concordia University. 12 November 2016.
Montreal, QC.
Teachings: Theories and Methodologies for Indigenous Art History in North America Symposium.

Why I Write Indigenous Sci-Fi

Drew Hayden Taylor.
Canadian Art. 6 December 2016.
Article referring to TimeTraveller™

Playing in a Decolonized World

Allen Turner.
Concordia University. 14 November 2016.
Montreal, QC.
Future Imaginary Lecture Series. Gameplay Session of Endrigohr.

Designing Alternative Indigenous Timelines Using Role-Playing Games

Allen Turner.
Concordia University. 11 November 2016.
Montreal, QC.
Future Imaginary Lecture Series.

Indigenous Researcher Kicks Off New Concordia Lecture Series

Kim TallBear.
Concordia University. 21 October 2016.
Montreal, QC.
Future Imaginary Lecture Series.

An Indigenous Logic of Relationality

Kim TallBear.
Concordia University. 14 October 2016.
Montreal, QC.
Future Imaginary Lecture Series.

Skawennati’s TimeTraveller™: Deconstructing the Colonial Matrix in Virtual Reality

Indigenous Artists to Reimagine Canada’s Future in VR

Canadian Art. 21 June 2016.
Discusses 2167 including artists Scott Benesiinaabandan and Postcommodity also discusses TimeTraveller™.

Eight Renowned Jury Members Evaluate Canada’s Innovative Digital Projects

Canada Media Fund’s (CMF) Experimental Stream. 22 June 2016.
Toronto, ON.
Member of the Jury: Jason Lewis.

Imagining Indigenous Futures

Meagan Wohlberg.
Edge North. 12 January  2016.
Article about to AbTeC, IIF and the Skins Games.

Effacement des Limites Entre Identités Réelles et Virtuelles et Entre Notre Existence en Ligne et Hors Ligne

Eli Larin.
Revue Ex_Situ. 7 June 2016.
Article about Skawennati and Dancing With Myself.

The Difficult History of Indigenous People in Video Games

Kieran Delamont.
The Atlantic. 2 June 2016.
Article referring to the Skins workshops.

Revendications Territoriales… Dans le Cyberespace

Karim Benessaieh.
La Presse. 8 May 2016.
Article about Jason Edward Lewis, Skawennati and AbTeC.

Building a Future in Which Indigenous People are Present and Thriving

Jason Edward Lewis and Skawennati.
Montreal Gazette. 27 April 2016.
Article about IIF.

Indigenous Students Call for More Cultural Spaces at Concordia University

Fennario, Tom.
Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. 11 April 2016.
Speaking on the subject of indigenous students at Concordia University.

Milieux Institute: Concordia University’s Cutting-Edge Hub

Karen Seidman.
Montreal Gazette. 1 April 2016.
Article about the Milieux Institute at Concordia University.

L’avenir Autochtone, C’est Aussi le Vôtre

Jason Edward Lewis.
La Presse
. 3 April 2016.

Indigenous Video Games You Should Download

MUSKRAT Magazine. 1 April 2016.
Article referring to Skins games.

Reimagining Native Americans in the Arts

THE STREAM. Al Jazeera. 22 March 2016.
Interview with Skawennati.

Media Mavericks Talk Past, Present And Future

Daniel, J Rower.
The Eastern Door. 12 February 2016.
Skawennati speaking on the resurgence of Indigenous Representations in Media.

Between Anxiety and Hope: Aboriginals Draw Their Future

Ann-Marie Provost.
ICI Grand Montreal
. 7 March 2016.
Article about IIF and AbTeC.

The Aboriginal Presence in the Future

VICE DU JOUR. 22 February 2016.
Interview about IIF.

Skawennati New Media Artist Talk

School of Image Arts. 7 March 2016.
Toronto, ON.
Skawennati: Visiting Artist.

WHERE NEXT?: Creative Writing, Narrative, Film and Contemporary Art Symposium

Alberta College of Art + Design. 12-13 February 2016.
Calgary, AB.
Jason Edward Lewis: Keynote Presentator.

Passage Oublié Analyzed in ​Dark Matters by Simone Browne

Simone Browne.
Paperback. 2 October 2015.
Discussion of Passage Oublié.

Imagining the Next Seven Generations: TEDxMontrealWomen

TEDxMontreal. Cinema Imperial. 30 May 2015.
Montreal, QC.

Indigenous Resurgence in Media Arts

Brittant LeBorgne. Michelle Smith. Skawennati.
Dawson First People Initiative. 10 February 2015.
Skawennati: Panelist.

Skawennati Media Art History: RE-CREATE

Re-Create. 11 November 2015.
Montreal, QC.
Skawennati: Keynote Speaker.

A Better Dance and Better Prayers: Systems, Structures, and the Future Imaginary in Aboriginal New Media

Jason Edward Lewis.
University of Alberta Press. 2014.
Calgary, AB.
Coded Territories. Pp. 48 – 77.

Grand Theft Rez: Building and Navigating a Community for Aboriginal Storytelling and Video Game Design

Jason Edward Lewis.
Community-Based Multiliteracies and Digital Media Projects. 28 April 2014.

CBC News coverage of Leading Together

Angela Sterritt.
CBC News. 11 February 2014.
Article referring to Skins games and workshops.

Performing Apps Touch and Gesture as Aesthetic Experience

Maria Engberg.
Taylor & Francis Online. 13 March 2014.
Article about P.o.E.M.M.

Leading Together: Indigenous Youth in Community Partnership

Angela Sterritt.
The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation. 27 November 2013.
Article referring to AbTeC.

Call it a Vision Quest: Machinima in a First Nations Context.

Beth Aileen Dillon and Jason Edward Lewis.
Bloomsbury. 4 March 2013.
Understanding Machinima. pp. 187 – 206.

TimeTraveller™: First Nations Nonverbal Communication in Second Life.

Beth LaPensée and Jason Edward Lewis.
Nonverbal Communications in Virtual Worlds. pp. 94 – 107. 2013.


Creating Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace

Jason Edward Lewis and Skawennati.
McGill University & Musée d’art contemporain. 2013.
Montreal, QC.

Best New Media Award for Skahiòn:hati: | Rise of the Kanien’kehá:ka Legends.

imagineNATIVE Film + Media Festival. October 2013.
Toronto, ON.
New Media Competition.

TimeTraveller™: All Nine Episodes World Premiere

imagineNATIVE Film + Media Festival
Ghost Dance: Activism. Resistance. Art.
 October 2013.
Toronto, ON.
Referring to TimeTraveller™

Panel: “Aura in the Age of Computational Production”

Electronic Literature Organization. September 2013.
Paris, France.
Conference referring to P.o.E.M.M.

Performance: Vital

Electronic Literature Organization. September 2013.
Paris, France.
Conference referring to P.o.E.M.M.

Exhibition: Les littératures numériques d’hier à demain

Electronic Literature Organization. September 2013.
Paris, France.
Conference referring to P.o.E.M.M..

Learning to Design New Worlds

Tom Fennario.
Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. 19 June 2013.
Interview with Skawennati.

The Future Imaginary: TEDxMontreal

Jason Edward Lewis.
TEDxMontreal. Société des Arts Technologiques. 24 September 2013.
Montreal, QC.

Digital Materiality

David Jhave Johnston.
Electronic Literature Interview Series. 2012-2013.
Montreal and Hong Kong.
Interview with Jason Edward Lewis.

This First Nations Artist Recreates Tense Moments in Native History in Second Life

Zak Kotzer.
Vice. 24 October 2013.
Article about TimeTraveller™.

The Indigenous Way of Learning & the Ancestral Techs of Videogames

Tribal Realities Magazine. 12 February 2013.
Interview with Elizabeth LaPensee.

Skahiòn:hati: Rise of the Kanien’kehá:ka Legends

Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace. March 2012 – July 2012.
Game produced during Skins Workshop 3.0.

Time Travelers, Flying Heads, and Second Lives: Designing Digital Stories.

Jason Edward Lewis and Skawennati Fragnito.
Community and Culture. March – April 2012.

Legends of Kahnawake Come Alive in Video Game

CBC Montreal. 1 November 2012.
Article about to Skins games.

New Video Game Brings Mohawk Legend to Life

CBC News. 26 October 2012.
Article about Skins games.

Un Premier Jeu Vidéo Mohawk Réalisé Par Des Autochtones de Kahnawake

Radio-Canada. 24 October 2012.
Article about Skins games.

Aboriginal Video Game Puts Modern Twist on Tradition of Storytelling

CTV Montreal. 20 October 2012.
Article about Skins games.

We Are Here! Eiteljorg Contemporary Art Fellowship 2012: Skawennati

National Museum of the American Indian. 31 May 2012.
New York, New York.
Skawennati: Panelist.

Poetry for Smartphones

Colin Grant and Gareth Mitchell.
BBC. 10 July 2012.
Radio Interview: Jason Lewis.

Typo 2011: Post PostScript Please!

TYPO International Design Talks. 21 May 2011.
Article about P.o.E.M.M.

Typo 2011: Six Questions for Jason Edward Lewis

TYPO International Design Talks. 18 May 2011.
Interview: Jason Lewis.

Skins 1.0: A Curriculum for Design Games with First Nations Youth.

Beth Aileen Lameman, Jason Edward Lewis, and Skawennati Fragnito.
Conference on the Future of Game Design and Technology.
Vancouver, BC.

Post PostScript Please

Jason Edward Lewis and Bruno Nadeau.
Digital Creativity, vol. 21, no. 1. Pp. 18 – 29. 26 May 2010.

Future First Nations: Rezzing the 22nd Century

Jason Edward Lewis.
Canadian Game Studies Association Conference. 23-24 May 2010.
Ottawa, Ontario.

The Good, the Bad, and the Sultry: Indigenous Women in Video Games

Beth Aileen Lameman.
Simon Fraser University. March 2010.

The Fellowship of The Art

Brittany Leborgne.
The Eastern Door.
 9 April 2010.
Kahnawake First Nations.
Article about TimeTraveller™.

Writing with Complex Type

Jason Edward Lewis and Bruno Nadeau.
Digital Arts and Culture Conference. 12 – 15 Demeber 2009.

Trespassing | Transgression

Maroussia Lévesque and Jason Edward Lewis.
No More Potlucks. No. 1, vol. 2. Winter 2009.
Montreal, QC.

Native Resolution

Chris LaVigne.
The Escapist. 13 January 2009.
Article referring to AbTeC.

Writing|Designing|Programming: The NextText Project

Jason Edward Lewis.
Media-Space Journal: Special Issue on Futures of New Media Art, vol. 1 no. 1. 2008.
Perth, Australia.

The Threat of Text

Maroussia Lévesque and Jason Edward Lewis.
Public Lettering Conference. May 2007.
Montreal, QC.

Performative Surface: Double Sided Interaction

Hugues Bruyère and Thierry Giles.
MULTIMEDIA ’07: Proceedings of the 15th international conference on Multimedia. 2007.
Article referring to research at Obx Labs.

Taking Sides: Dynamic Text and Hip-Hop Performance.

Jason Edward Lewis and Yannick Assogba.
Proceedings of the 14th ACM International Conference on Multimedia. ACM Press. 23-27 October 2006.

Cityspeak, Citywide

Jason Edward Lewis, Maroussia Lévesque and Lucie Bélanger.
Mobilefest Conference on Mobile Technology. November 2006.
Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace

Jason Edward Lewis and Skawennati.
Cultural Survival Quarterly, Pp. 29 – 31, vol. 29.2 July 2005.
Cambridge, Mass.


Jason Edward Lewis and Bruno Nadeau.
Proceedings of the Digital Arts and Culture Conference.  1 – 6 December 2005.
Copenhagen: IT University of Copenhagen.

Ritual Ecologies

Vanessa Kwan.
The Georgia Straight. 29 September
Article referring to IIF.

SenseText: Gesture Based Control of Text Visualization

Jason Edward Lewis and Frank Tsonis.
Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Gesture in Human-Computer Interaction and Simulation. 18-20 May 2005.
Berder Island, France

Terra Nullius, Terra Incognito : Aboriginal Reservations About Cyberspace

Jason Edward Lewis.
 vol. 22. no. 1. Spring 2004.
Saskatoon, SK.

Five Suggestions for Better Living

On Aboriginal Representation in the Gallery. 2002.
Ottawa, ON.

ActiveText: A Method for Creating Dynamic and Interactive Texts

Jason Edward Lewis and Alex Weyers.
Ashville, North Carolina.

Dynamic Poetry: Introductory Remarks to a New Medium

Jason Edward Lewis.
Royal College of Art. December 1996.
London, England.