Obx Labs is interested in living letterforms, massively multi-contributor texts and time-travelling provocateurs. We create artwork that utilizes and motivates the software that we develop and the technologies we repurpose. Our main goal is to provide both the inspiration and the means for others to push the boundaries of computationally-based expression.


A wearable gesture-based input device for use within TextEngine.
SenseText is a wearable device designed to apply behaviors to text within the Text Engine software. The setup consists of two wireless circuits. The first is a transmitter circuit embedded in a shirt cuff worn by a spoken word performer. The transmitter circuit consists of an accelerometer, a sensor which measures x and y tilt. As a result the transmitter circuit measures hand gestures. A second receiver circuit then converts the data sent by the transmitter circuit into MIDI. A simple Max/MSP patch analyzes this data, deciphering the extent of the user’s wrist movement. The Text Engine software has been designed to read in MIDI data. Each text behavior has a specific MIDI value.