What They Speak When They Speak To Me
What They Speak When They Speak To Me

by Jason Lewis with Elie Zananiri, June 2007

A poem is broken down into clusters of text which float around in empty space. When a letter is dragged, all the following letters in the stanza come into focus and follow the line drawn by the mouse path. This application was written primarily with behaviours found in the library but also with four custom ones.

by Bruno Nadeau, June 2009

Typos is series of short dynamic texts written with complex computational type. The programs extract the outline of a font, but frees itself from the common rasterizer used to render vector-based glyphs, top to bottom, line by line, onto the screen. Instead, the text is revealed by controlling the graphical traces and the positive and negative spaces generated by several dynamic particles. The result emerges from the interplay between algorithms controlling the movement and graphical properties of the particles, and a writing-design process that seeks to exploit and fine-tune the qualities produced by the code.
Complex Types

by Bruno Nadeau, 2009

Complex Types are dynamic and interactive type treatments guided by the standard glyph outlines of TrueType and OpenType fonts. This series is an experiment in digital typography with the main goal of discovering and defining a format (or formats) that could support complex typography in different environments, from common word processors, to motion graphics and virtual environments.

2006 - 2008 Obx Labs/Jason Lewis

This software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL.