Jason Edward Lewis
with Bruno Nadeau & Elie Zananiri

2007 - 2010

three versions:
1. 42" single-point touchscreen
2. 42" two-point touchscreen bi-lingual
3. single-point iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch


What They Speak When They Speak To Me

Interactive touch poem.

What They Speak When They Speak to Me is an interactive poem about mistaken identity and the confusion--amusing and alarming--that happens when people believe you are somebody you are not.

What They Speak... is a formal experiment in different modes of presenting poems to be read through touch interaction. To date we have customized versions for 42" single-point touchscreeen (Oboro, Montreal 2007), 50" two-point touchscreen (English and French text, Biblioteque Nationale, Montreal 2010) and single-point mobile for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch (iTunes 2010).

What They Speak... is the first work in the Poetry for Excitable [Mobile] Media (P.o.E.M.M.) series exploring poetry written to be read through touch interaction.


Video and image documentation from Everything You Thought We'd Forgotten solo exhibition, Oboro, Montreal, January - February 2007. (42" single-touch)


Video documentation from Montréal: Sur le fleuve des langues, Bibioteque Nationale due Québec, Montreal, October - December 2010. (50" two-touch bi-lingual English and French streams.)